We are in constant search for meaningful art décor for our homes and gifts for our loved ones.

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intricate paper illustrations drawn and cut by hand

Paperhugger creates heirloom papercutting artworks that celebrate your life milestones — because you and your loved ones deserve to remember them beautifully. It is also the home of the original personalized papercut celebration maps that have graced many homes and special moments. Paper is a very common yet versatile medium that can give birth to unique and unexpected art compositions. All designs are sketched and cut by hand by the artist (me Ü) Yang Pulongbarit-Cuevo.

As Seen On

Not your average wedding gift.

The Bestseller: Custom Maps

Weddings and wedding anniversaries are the common theme of my personalized papercut maps. Customers love how personal they are when gifted to newlyweds. Spouses are also thrilled to have these customized map art as wedding anniversary gifts; and some purchase it for their home with weddings even dating from decades ago. Some also use these papercut map art as a unique alternative for their wedding guestbook. Indeed, this is not your average wedding gift.

Celebrate differently.

A Personalized Papercut Map for Everything

My customized papercut map art is not just for weddings, but for any celebration that you could think of. Customers also love personalized papercut maps as a memento of their engagement day. It is a unique and sweet touch to an event that usually takes a lot to be prepared for — popping the question can be nerve-wracking you know! (: So it’s a great way to remember the day by.

Family-themed papercut maps are also available by request. Some simply use their family name. Others include the year of their wedding or the birthyears of their children. It is a lovely way to have a delicate art piece to display on their walls and ‘complete’ their homes.


What Customers Say

On Craftsmanship

Yang created a beautiful piece that I will be gifting to my best friend. The craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail is unparalleled! This is an original and unique work of art. I appreciated her friendliness when discussing how the names and state would look like as well as the thoughtfulness in the cute packaging! Thank you again!

— Marisa

On Customer Service

Not only does PaperhuggerStudio do AMAZING and unique work, Yang’s customer service skills are exceptional! I am THRILLED with the piece that I purchased, which came only one week after ordering. I am a frequent and long time Etsy shopper, and this interaction was the best experience I’ve had on Etsy yet! I am referring PapehuggerStudio to all friends and family who would benefit from such great Customer Service and such beautiful artistry!

— Dana

On Customization

This was completely customized to match the tree under which I got married. Artist was so kind and a great communicator. Highly recommend for a beautiful unique piece different than anything I have seen before.

— Elisabeth

More Feedback:

Loved working with Yang and loved the final product!!! A very unique gift! — Jena

 It’s beautiful. I bought it as a wedding gift and I know the couple will love it. Very detailed and intricate. — Megan

Perfect engagement party gift for my daughter and her fiance! — Amanda

Unique and beautiful gifts, either for someone else, or yourself. — Pamela

Yang was absolutely fantastic to work with and I’m so happy I was able to give my friend such a unique and beautiful wedding gift! — Emily

Absolutely beautiful! So happy with how this came out! — Hannah

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazing. The seller worked so closely with me to make such a perfect custom piece as a gift to a very good friend. It turned out even better than I imagined and she was able to mat it for easy framing. I can’t wait to give it to my friend for Christmas. The quality is really top notch and their design skills are very good in terms of being able to make something you are thinking of into a reality. I wasn’t sure EXACTLY what I wanted but she took my ideas and helped me develop them and I ended up with just the perfect piece. Prompt response times, as well, which is always important for a good seller. Really just over the moon with this purchase. — Chasity

Private Commissions

Celebrate life through art.

Special custom papercutting requests are artistic representations of things that are very sentimental, personal, and meaningful to my clients. Commissioned art pieces are also special because they make my works truly one-of-a-kind.

Many private paper-cut commissions were requested as a family heirloom artwork — a truly special piece to be displayed or gifted to loved ones. Each of the family-themed papercutting art that I have created bears a significant story behind them.