Papercutting creations for thoughtful gifts and stunning art display


Paperhugger Studio is a humble online art business that offers artworks by Yang Pulongbarit-Cuevo (that’s me!) for personalized gifts and home décor. Based in Chicago, I mainly focus on papercutting and illustration where I transform sketches into mesmerizing single-sheet cut paper. I also explore more possibilities with papercutting by incorporating paint and illustration, creating abstract and multi-dimensional pieces for interesting mixed media artworks.

Recognized as one of Etsy’s top shop for gifts, Paperhugger gained momentum when it launched its personalized papercut celebration maps to the market. Eager brides, newlyweds, wedding guests, wives, husbands, friends, and more, have chosen to commemorate memorable life events through the ancient art of papercuttting.

My work has been featured in several online and offline publications, gift guides, editors’ picks, and articles, including Preview Magazine and a cover and spread for The Chicago Reader. Paperhugger was also selected as one of Etsy’s up-and-coming shops to watch out for across the USA in an article published in Etsy Journal. To see more of Paperhugger Studio in the media, please visit this page.


Why Paperhugger?

I activated my Etsy shop while I was in the middle of the woods for a quick summer weekend. My first paper art collection was mostly inspired by nature and forest animals. The heartwarming presence of trees, their beauty and embrace as they shield us from a hot summer day, made me appreciate them even more. And my primary medium comes from trees! So it reminded me of tree huggers, which then transformed to paperhugger. I lovingly cut paper to create, not destroy.

Do you only papercut by hand?

I draw and cut all of my designs by hand. I do not use machines to create my papercutting pieces. I only turn to the lasercutting machine when trying to incorporate my designs into different materials such as wood and acrylic – a scalpel knife won’t do the trick for those. *wink*

May I use your art photos?

If any of my photos catch your interest, please contact me to ask for permission before using any of my own images. I will immensely appreciate your understanding and respect. ❤

Where else can I find you?

If I am not sketching or cutting paper, I am making playlists and spinning music for 107.1fm in Chicago. You can also keep up with what I’m up to on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you so much for being here! (: